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Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Are you planning to build a public pool?

    • We can look at your plans to see if there are health and safety issues.

  • Want to consult on your unique and innovative public pool design feature?

    • We can review from a health and safety perspective to see if there are issues.
  • Was your application considered non-compliant by the Department of Health?

    • We can review the findings and help find a solution.
  • Have site conditions changed during construction?

    • We can review necessary design modifications during the build for health and safety issues.
  • We can review necessary design modifications during the build for health and safety issues.

Public Swimming Pool Design

Review & discuss design proposals for regulatory health & safety compliance
  • Want someone on-site during the final construction health and safety inspection?

    • We can meet the health inspector, confirm their measurements with state-of-the-art equipment, and help address issues.
  • Want assurance construction is on track to pass health and safety inspections?

    • We can inspect at any construction milestone to make sure everything is on track.
  • Want an inspection before the final plastering?

    • We can help you avoid costly fixes through a field inspection to see if there are any health and safety issues.
  • Need help with post-inspection health and safety negotiations?

    • We can review the health inspector’s findings and measurements and help you develop a plan.

State Public Swimming Pool Permitting

Represent & guide your permit through the regulatory health & safety process
  • Interested in having someone else handle Department of Health permitting for your public pool?

    • Let us navigate the permit process for you and work directly with the local state office. We can help with:

      • Reviewing applications for completeness
      • Assembling and submitting new and modification applications and fees
      • Maintaining annual operating permits

Construction Site Field Visits

Consult on health & safety related site design modifications during construction

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